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Grad escort dress ideas?

Heyy ! [: I am in need of a little advice. See, I am my cousin's grad escort and he chose the colour purple, which is both of our favourite colours. I am going dress shopping with my mom and my cousin but need a little advice on what sort of dress to look for. A little detail about me is :

- I have brown eyes

- I have tanned/olive kinda skin

- Purple does look good on me

- I am 5' 5"

- I am a thin girl with some muscular tones (NOT scary thin, just.. good)

- I would attach a picture... but I am kind of paranoid ! :P

Any photos of dress ideas would be GREAT

So yeah , if anyone has any ideas on what kind of dresses I could go for, it would be greatly appreciated !! (: (: All my thanks, Keyzz.

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    short dress, spaghetti straps. Tight at the top, silky and flowy at the bottom. A ribbon to tie at the back ;]

    Like this one, but black at the top and dark purple at the bottom.

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  • 4 years ago

    a night gown type ingredient. i'm happy you're no longer procrastinating, yet it is actual early to make certain on. Grad evening isn't until previous due might. playstation you do no longer could positioned on 4" tall heels.

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  • 9 years ago

    Being an escort is illegal!!!!!

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