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What happened in Japan?

I know about the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear failure. But I'm doing a project on the events and I need some background information. Such as the location of the events, dates, degree of damage and maybe even some background info. I know there were many after shocks. Was there more than one tsunami? Or more than one nuclear failure? Whats wrong with the radioactive core? And the radiation? Please I need some expert advice? <3 Thanks <3 <3

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    You can start you research at these sites.

    Here is an informative article describing the situation:

    And here is where you find current, factual status information:

    And a slide presentation that describes the effects:

    And here is a chart that helps make sense of the numbers:

    I know there were many after shocks. Was there more than one tsunami?

    Only the first tsunami did the damage. The others were very small. The thing to know about earthquakes is that the severity is logarithmic. This means that from 0 to 1 is actually 0 to 10 on a linear scale, 0 to 2 is 100, and 0 to 3 is 1000, and so on. The aftershocks were in the sixes where the first one was an 8.9, so the aftershocks were 1000 times less then the first.

    Or more than one nuclear failure?

    There are six reactors at the plant. All are stable now. Two were unaffected and are now in cold shutdown, one was shut down for maintenance when the tsunami hit, and three are stable, but still being worked on.

    Whats wrong with the radioactive core?

    The core has partially melted. However, the containment vessels will contain the radiation.

    And the radiation?

    There has been only a small amount of radiation leaked. While the radiation will be widespread, it won't be harmful because most of the radiation leaked is iodine-131 which has a half life of about eight days, so it's broken down in weeks. You'll actually get more radiation from your cellphone or microwave then you will from Fukushima.

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    Thank you for your support.

    We Japanese had many relief supplies from all over the world and are deeply grateful for your kindness.

    There are many small earthquakes and tumani in this 3weeks, but it is not a big problem.The radiation level is not low, however not higher than the cities besides Hiroshima in 1945

    Our concern is the meltdown and electric power shortage. If it meltdowns, the evacuation area must be expanded.

    The middle of March, it was very cold in Japan. We needed a lot of electric power and sometimes went off. So the dry battery (especially size D and C) and handy light are soldoutat in all of japanese shops.

    The electric power shortage will come in this summer again.(We estimate it will be very hot in this summer)

    However, these problems will be temporary. It will not continue less than a year. From now on we need jobs to re-construct Japan and Japanese economy. Please buy the goods made in Japan, after this confusion.

    Thank you.

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