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apparently the vatican has a huge army for such a small population....?

am i right? i don't know but i got the impression that this religion wants to promote oppression, authority and war either than... uh... peace!

what's up with that? and why DOES the vatican have an army anyway? can't they just depend on the italian army IF anything goes horribly wrong or something? i mean, if i followed this religion, i'd be pretty pissed that i'm fiancially supporting this rich place while they're telling us to save the world from hunger and poverty and war.

DOES the vatican army even go on peace missions to help the needy or no?


dieter... thanks for your input, but why do you think i'm asking stuff on yahoo answers? this IS a start. and knowledge HAS to start somewhere.

Update 2:

omarta1.... you shouldn't go around like that assuming everyone's thoughts on life and matters after a 200 blab. but, now that you mentioned it, that's not a bad idea you got there, but that would never work. not that it can't happen, it's just that it won't work and not really fair.

not that it's fair like it is now, rich folks like the pope and his crew tell us middle people to cough up money and give to the poor when most of the money from these followers go to the pope itself... just so he can get paid to tell us what to do with our money and then say, "the god said to give everything you got to the poor, do the same as jesus...blabla". funny, now the poor's got all you money, you got nothing. who's gotta give the money to who now huh?

Update 3:

*200 word blab

Update 4:

happy gae.... i was just about to pick you as best answer before you told me to read up some books and accusing me of making false accusations. i really wonder why people in the section get so fricking defensive all the time, everyone out here looking for a fight or something? read carefully, "...small population? am i right?" see, AM I RIGHT? what does that tell you? that i know everything and i just wanna blast on some believers or something? you think you're that small?

and i am VERY much aware that they don't go to war. but i'm VERY much aware that they oppress there own folks. an army doesn't mean "a group of people going to war"... maybe you should read a book.

Update 5:

EXACTLY what i meant by promoting war.... they don't even go to war but seeing them automatically makes you think of war. EXACTLY my point, you were too blind to see that one huh?

Update 6:

if there were no oppresion there wouldn't be an army or guards friend.

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    The Vatican doesn't have an army. It only has the Swiss guard, which is only a couple dozen men, who protect the pope and other people living there.

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    As of 2005 There were 134 members of the Swiss Guards on duty in the Vatican. This is hardly an Army and definitely not large enough to be an invading force.

    I do not see how you can call the Vatican a rich place.

    Regarding helping the Poor. The Catholic church supports the largest charity organisation in the world. You should get yourself some history books and start checking the facts out before you make any more false accusations.

    tell us who is being oppressed by the Vatican.

    Tell us about the war in which the Vatican is involved

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    The sole mission of the vatican is to change the hearts and lifestyle of people to be in line with the gospel teaching of Christ... the side efftect of this will be the needy being helped..and souls being saved.

    sounds like ure looking more for a social welfare system to to help the "needy" and "peace missions"...why even have "middle men" like a church to collect currencies printed by other governments and distribute it to the needy around the world....would it not be more efficient to go to the source of the money and just have govenments print free money for the needy (thats ultimatelly what u want right)??

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  • cowboy
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    Because its influence is huge in many nations.

    "Give me an army saying the Rosary and I will conquer the world." Pope Pius IX

    That said, with fewer than 1000 inhabitants, Vatican City has no ***military*** army of its own.

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  • 9 years ago

    They have to worry about ITALY. You know, the country run by an elderly frat boy who is immune to prosecution?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    You will be swimming in knowledge if you study history.

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