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What do you think will be the two closest division races next year (one AFC and one NFC)?

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    eh, im going with the nfc north and afc east. the lions look like a legit team (how many times in a life time can you say that?) besides a few bs calls, stupid mistakes by the seconadry in the last minute or so of a game, they could have been a playoff team last year. and dont be suprised if they start taring up the division or at least making a threat against the packers. we all know about the jets and patriots, but the bills arent a bad team either. they arent good, but if they can get a definite #1 receiver and a secondary, they will be dangerous. and the fins arent good, but they certainly arent as bad as everyone seems to make them out to be. i dont think theyll make a threat to take the division, but i think theyll do pretty well next year. also in your division, the browns seem to be heading in the right direction with colt mccoy. but i would be careful if im a browns fan. with bob ryan gone (lets face it, hes as good as rex on defense), im not sure if they can hold up, or if it was the work of one of the ryan brothers that made their defense so stingy.

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    AFC South - The Colts just made the play offs whole Jacksonville and Houston were clawing through the backdoor. I hate to say it but the Colts may be on a downswing while the Texans and the Jags are on an up-rise. The Titans could even surprise someone this year (though it's doubtful with all the changes they had).

    This is the closest division. The AFC north is brutal but it's only going to be the Steelers and Ravens with out a third team in the mix. With Ben behind the helm and his record against the Ravens I can see the Matchup being lopsided (the records NOT the actual games)

    In the NFC it will also be the South. The Falcons, Saints, and Bucs are evenly matched and will beat each other up. Good QB and strong offenses are going to make the March ups. Just like last season this race will be neck and neck.

  • AFC West will be quite a contest and I think one the Chargers will pull out of at the top of the division. The Oakland Raiders will give them a run for their money and so will the Chiefs.

    The AFC North is going to be another Ravens vs. Steelers contest again, but I think its the Ravens turn to shine.

    The NFC is loaded with contests. In fact the only division I can predict a clear division winner this early is the Packers winning the NFC North.

    The NFC East is going to be a three way duel between the Eagles, Giants, and Cowboys. As will the NFC South with the Saints, Buccaneers, and Falcons. The NFC West might even turn out to be a pretty tight race.

    I say the top two closest races of the 2011 season are between the Raider and Chargers, and the Eagles, Giants, and Cowboys.

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    the draft and loose agent signings of course make an result, yet as of now i see right here communities staying consistent. the *3* shows my ask your self team for each convention. NFC a million. Packers- youngest team in the league, has 2d maximum earnings cap area in the league, no ameliorations in the roster. third and 4th string RB's would be permit pass in loose organization, yet that's it. in spite of no remember if Favre returns or no longer, they are going to be difficult with various skills and intensity on offense. Rodgers has shown ability in Preseason and by way of the popular Season. 2. Cowboys- yet another youthful team coming lower back. Romo would have greater journey. has various skills on offense. *3*. Vikings- has an outstanding OL, large RB, and an ok protection that does properly in forcing turnovers. with an addition of a playmaker or 2 on the WR intensity chart, this team would come around. AFC a million. Chargers- very youthful team. Rivers remains a youthful QB that has taken the subsequent step this season. i anticipate him to stay consistent. 2. Patriots- that's the plain determination. i anticipate maximum of their present day protection to pass to pot by way of retirements and loose organization, however the offense decrease than Brady will proceed to attempt in consistency because it consistently has. the offense won't be as explosive next season, whether that's going to nonetheless be good. *3*. Browns- Derek Anderson has definately come around. With Brady Quinn assuming the functionality as backup lower back, that's going to proceed to coach greater tension on Anderson to work out if he competes yet another year or no longer at a relentless point. the protection remains vulnerable, yet would properly be superior. they did no longer make the playoffs with a 10-6 checklist that's uncommon, i anticipate this team to make the playoffs next season.

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    10 years ago

    NFC East will be tight between the Cowboys and Eagles.

    AFC East will be the closest in my opinion between the Pats and Jets.

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    10 years ago

    AFC West- The Chiefs, Raiders, and Chargers are all good teams. Either one of them could take it.

    NFC North- Lions and Packers will be battling it out all year. Packers will come out on top though.

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    NFC North. Packers will beat out the Lions by one game.

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