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Why do people make fun of the Holocaust?

It's not funny, my grandpa died in the holocaust. He fell off the guard tower.

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    Ignorance. Stupidity. Fear.

    Many people don't fully understand what went on. They don't understand how the Jewish people suffered, what their families went through. How they were treated -- or rather, MIStreated; starved, treated like animals, tortured.

    It really isn't funny. It's a very serious topic, and it p*sses me off when people talk about it so lightly.

    For anyone who thinks the Holocaust didn't happen, or was a joke, or just don't take it seriously...

    read the book "Night" by Elie Wiesel, and watch his appearance on Oprah.

    It was hearwrenching and revealed alot of things that many people didn't/wouldn't have known about the Holocaust.

    Humanity has gone down hill these last few decades; the younger generation is disrespectful, and they often speak without thinking, and never think about the consequences ( However, I consider myself an exception to that )

    Source(s): Life, World Religions Class, Elie Wiesel's Novel, His appearance on Oprah, etc
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    some people don't believe that the holocaust didn't happen... but it did! didn't it?? yes it did.

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    because of disrespect and disregard

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