Who is the next CEO of Apple Inc.?

We all know that Steve Jobs is in Critical condition and we need a replacement to the apple company and as a big fan I want to know who will be the next CEO of Apple Inc.

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  • 10 years ago
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    “Who will be the next CEO of Apple Computer? Douglas McIntyre at bloggingstocks.com asks and gives some possible answers to the question of who will eventually replace Steve Jobs as CEO of Apple Computer,” Charles Jade reports for Ars Technica.

    The list in no particular order:

    • Philip Schiller, 45, Apple Computer

    • Timothy Cook, 45, Apple Computer

    • Tony Fadell, 36, Apple Computer

    • William Campbell, 65, Intuit

    • Jerome York, 67, IBM

    • James Allchin, 55, Microsoft

    • Susan Decker, 43, Yahoo

    • John Thompson, 57, Symantec

    Jade reports, “The more obvious and likely choices come from within Apple, but the question really isn’t who will replace Steve Jobs. The real question is who will choose the successor, and that will likely be Steve Jobs. Some time after returning to Apple Computer in late 1996, Jobs remarked that he had ‘given Apple to a bozo once,’ and that it wouldn’t happen again. What this means is that the future of the company, like the present, is dependent upon the brilliant and erratic vision of Steve Jobs. Let’s hope he’s in the iPod groove, and not Cube mode, when the next CEO is chosen.”

    Full article with links to McIntyre’s original article which sets up the succession question with pretty specious threat (most on Wall Street and elsewhere don’t think such a threat exists) of Jobs’ ouster due to options “irregularities” here.

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