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luau party ideas????????????

I just need some fun ideas. i want it to have a real hawaiian vibe, almost as if you were actually in hawaii. i have a big backyard and a small - medium size pool. i am just havin a party its not a birthday and im 13. there is gonna be around 15 people in total. I need help with everything like invites (real not evite) mostly i need help with decorations and just some games that arent stupid and baby-ish. i thought of a tiki bar and limbo that is pretty much it.... HELP!!!!!

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    Luau parties often make people think of the tropics, floral leis, sand, fun and a cook out. A traditional Hawaiian luau is often held outside or on the beach and includes natural tropical foliage, musical entertainment and dancing. For food consider pig, fish or salmon for the main course, tropical fruits to snack like pineapples, mangoes and papaya and then add in sweet potatoes as a side dish.

    If you have kids attending the event, consider a Hawaiian pizza and also consider having a regular pizza too.

    Party Decorations

    Palm fronds or trees, orchid sprays for leis or silk flowers, tiki torches, shells,

    Star fish, fish nets, miniature hula girls, surf boards

    Pictures of the beach and waves, guitars, ukuleles

    Several variations of this theme include Hula Girl, Flip Flop Party, Surfer Girl, Surfer Dude, Lilo and Stich and Beach Party


    Clothes with colorful floral prints, sarongs, Hawaiian shirts and have hula skirts for later.


    Background music consider Hawaiian music, Don Ho or ocean surf.

    Games and Activities

    1. Make your own Flower Leis

    Use real or silk flowers, have thread and a long sewing needle. You will need about 50 blossoms per lei, so have lots of flowers.

    2. Learn to do the Hula

    Go to the library and find a book, tape or video on learning to Hula or be creates and teach a routine to your guests. Since a hula dance tells a story, see if you can teach a story to the kids and have them perform for the adults. Make sure you have Hula skirts!

    3. Learn your Hawaiian name

    This is a fun activity and great for the Luau.

    The Hawaiian alphabet only has 13 letters!

    A, E, H, I K, L, M, N, O, P, U and W

    And the consonants are produced like they are in English. H, K, L, M, N, P, W

    If a name ends in a consonant then you need to add a vowel.

    And there must always be a vowel between consonants.

    The Hawaiian vowels are pronounced as follows.

    A – ah

    E – ay

    I – ee

    O – oh

    U – oo

    Now letter match up other English letters with Hawaiian letters

    P = B, F, P

    K = C, D, G, J, K, S, T, X, Z

    L = L, R

    W = V, W

    I = J, Y

    Let’s Translate a few names

    Sarah = Kalaha

    Jeff = Kepapa

    Alice = Alike

    Andrew = Anakinewa

    Have fun using these names for the evening

    4. Play the traditional Hawaiian game of Ulu Maika

    This is easy to set up and is played like horseshoes.

    Place a stick post in the ground and then gather stones for throwing. Those throwing stones stand and equal distance away 10, 15, 20 feet and toss the stones at the stick. The closest one to the stick wins. (One throw per person per round)

    Consider painting stones different colors, so you can keep track of who through what. Also if you want to keep score give 1 point to the person who is the closest. Then depending how many people are playing play until someone hits 6 or 11 points.

    5. Hula Hoop, Limbo and other games

    Have fun with the Hula Hoop Games and classic Limbo

    Plus check out pineapple bowling set fun for the kids.

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    You should look into serving Lau Lau or Kalua Pork, 2 very traditional Hawaiian dishes. However, you might have a hard time getting Taro leaves in Canada. People LOVE to BBQ out here so definitely fire up the grill.

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    Ocean state job plenty as a brilliant style of social gathering stuff and that is cheep! Wow for my 8th birhtdya I had an Hawaiian social gathering too! ok properly mabey use real of pretend coconut cups and fill them with punch for each man or woman. And make it real! Have them accutally attempt the coconut milk. that is what Hawaiian's used to drink! Get some cheep grass skirts and flowers for there hair and that they might do the hula! Have them use hula hoops for practice. Hears some steps for the reall hula: a million. upward thrust up and place one arm out to a minimum of one ingredient. 2. then take the different arm and convey it over on top of the different hand/arm. [so once you open that is like a crocodile mouth.] 3. then take the arm on top and slowly carry it up and make a curved shap as your doing it. this is stated as the rain bow. the elementary subject each physique is familiar with is the arms doing the wave action. this is stated as the sea. yet another one is a million. take one arm and convey it infront of you [hand achieving the different ingredient of you] so that is up on your chest. the entire arm is. 2 take the arm the place that different hand meets and however the elbow on the hand. And with the arm that has the elbow on the hand, shake it. this is stated as the palmtree. desire those steps helped! Take some contruction paper and shrink out frames. have the ladies beautify there very own frames with Tropical and Hawaiian stickers. Play bypass the coconut: each man or woman take a seat's down making a circle and you bypass the coconut around and one man or woman [no longer finding] says end and whoever has the coconut in hand it out. get some cheep ornament fishing internet and dangle it as much as mabey shop the delivers. Get some dark green cheep tissue paper and rip in thick strips and beautify around the homestead and out doors as sea weed. positioned little toy fish eveywere. desire I helped! :) And happy Birthday! :)

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