... help me pleaseeeee!?

ok world, i just want to know if in Canada (i'm italian) in some school you study italian (universities, high schools...) if yes, where? the teachers are italian or canadian who studied italian?

and are there initiatives which go in Canada surely? where?

i'm 14 years old and in italy there is the Comenius project, and in that italians go in europeans nations (in families with the boys/girls of other europeans schools) and after that europeans boys/girls go in italy in the families of the girl/boy they hosted... is there some similar project in Canda with Italy???

someone can help me??? thanks!

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    You are unlikely to find a high school in Canada that teaches Italian. The common languages taught (besides English) are French, Spanish, German, and sometimes Latin.

    Many Canadian universities have Italian classes. Sometimes these are taught by Canadians and sometimes by English-speaking Italians.

    "Foreign exchange" programs such as you describe are common, but they are usually something outside of school, not part of the school itself.




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