On a Ducati Monster 696 what is the voltage output of the throttle position sensor with throttle manipulation?

When I back probe the orange signal wire at the TPS connector I have 299 MV. When the throttle is wide open I only have 318 MV. I have 5 volt reference and good ground at the connector. Most automotive TPS sensors have 1-5 volt range with throttle movement.... should it not be the same on my bike if I also have a 5 volt reference?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Yes, that does seem like a very small voltage value, but you have to remember that the TPS signal is only one of many different voltage altering sensors inputting info to the computer. Some increase the voltage signal while others decrease it when viewing the signal progression forward. And just because the voltage signal on my Kawasaki TPS runs from around 2.5V-4.5V, that doesn't mean your Ducati should run the same because comparing my FI computer to yours is like comparing apples to oranges.

    The voltage numbers you have actually sound more like the voltage reading you'd get from an O2 sensor when it's good and hot.

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