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can you give me non-wikipedia information about il Babuino?

il Babuino is one of Rome's talking statues. I'm finding little information about this "baboon." I need to know what he is made of, what about him that attracts tourists, what is found in his area (like a garden, park, etc) if theres and entrance fee to see it & how much the fee is. Finally I need to know if there are hour restrictions to view it. Whether your resources for this info are from schooling, internet, books, museums, etc., please help! it would be much appreciated-thank you:)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Il Babuino is a mixed materials (the head is in marble, the body in some other more tender stone, and it it quite corroded) statue decorating a fountain placed in Via del Babuino (the street takes its name from the statue itself), in Rome. It is called "il babuino" (the baboon), as it is so ugly and misshaped that it could be mistaken for a monkey, but it really represents a mythological figure, a sileno.

    It is right on the sidewalk, and not in any building you need to access, so you can see it at any time of day or night without any fees or restrictions.

    It is a very popular statue, and Romans are quite fond of it even though it certainly isn't pretty!

    Because of its ugliness, it became quite popular among the Romans, who used it to post on it their comments and criticisms to the powerful and rich citizens of Rome. This is why it is a talking statue: it voiced the opinion of the people of Rome.

    Source(s): Italian, lived in Rome
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    1 decade ago

    the babuino gives the name to the street where it's placed, is made of marble and near it there are several baroque architectures such as the twin churches, via del corso, piazza del popolo (with an obelisk travelled by romans fron egipt) and there is one of the biggest park in roma near it...

    the fee to pay for seeing it??? it's free, is on the walking side

    (sorry for my english)

    Source(s): i live in roma, i'm italian
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