What should I write for my resume objective?

I am applying as a waitress and I'm not to sure about my objective. So far I have "To obtain a part-time job as a waitress in a dining establishment." Is this good enough or too in general. Help is really appreciated!


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    Hmm here is a what mine says look at it maybe this can help.So maybe put something like to find work in the food service industry as well as and whatever you want like retail.

    OBJECTIVE: To find work in the animal care field as well as explore job opportunities in child care, retail sales, cashier and customer service work utilizing my prior experience in these fields (this is what my objective says on my resume)

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    First, understand what's resume purpose. It it no longer something yet a precis of your credentials and expectancies. It shows what you have, why you desire particular activity, what you anticipate from the organization. you need to use resume builder or choose some resume writing suggestion to jot down a suited purpose. Resume builder provides you with distinctive purpose samples. subsequently, you get great help in writing a suited purpose.

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    ask your friends what they know about you and then think what you want to be in life mix both of these

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    ya yours own is the best one

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