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What is Access software program used for?

What is the program Microsoft Office Access used for?


To say it's created for databases does not help. Please give examples of how business use Access.

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    Inventory control, customer contacts, prices -- whatever they need records for databases are useful. They can even feed data into Excel spreadsheets.

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    Microsoft Access is used for creating and manipulating data bases. For example, if you have a music collection, you can create the music database and make changes to it and view it.

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    It's for creating databases. Think of it like a spreadsheet (like Excel) on steroids.

    If you don't know what a database is and what they are used for then you need to read this - or look here -

    Databases are probably still the biggest type of computer file around and can be several Tb big. I've worked with several VLDBs (Very Large Databases - databases over 1Tb in size).

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    It's a database system.

    Databases are used to store, sort, and return large amounts of information efficiently.

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    For boring the hell out of students... no but seriously.

    Its used for making databases of information.

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    i'm particularly particular you will possibly could desire to get permission from Microsoft for that, in any different case it seems it may be copyright infringement or piracy. or you ought to sell it as a database application that demands clientele to have microsoft get admission to already, something to think of approximately

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