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Will the Red Sox Win the Division?

With the way they are playing to start the year, will the Red Sox win the AL East Division this year? What do you all think?

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    It is far too early to know for certain whether or not the Red Sox can win the AL East Division. Simply put, in 1998, the Yankees started the season with a 0-5 record. They eventually went on to win 100+ games, and eventually the world series.

    Anything is possible.

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    you're incredible the Yankees rotation seems ill, death mattress ill. Clemens ought to no longer help, he grow to be mediocre at superb final 300 and sixty 5 days in the nationwide League the place the batting is weaker in 7-9 spots, now he is going to be dealing with actual batters. Pettite is inconsistent. Wang is your superb pitcher and he's being inconsistent besides. Mussina is previous and washed up and who's responsive to how he undesirable he will pitch if he ever gets off the DL. Hughes is already out a month. Schilling has been looking great so a ways, he grow to be lighting fixtures fixtures out against the Twins inhi slast outting. Beckett is tied for the superb checklist in the main vital, notice the way you had no arguement against him besides some susceptible little jab that made no experience. cube ok has had one tough inning in each of his outting and has appeared great something of the video games, perchance you need to video reveal him and ruin down what he has easily finished like 2 10K performances and being the starter in 2 wins against the Yankees. you additionally can p.c. to attain which you will declare you have an incredible rotation even inspite of the undeniable fact which you already know you do no longer via fact your bullpen sucks and is the worst in the majors. examine out how lighting fixtures fixtures out the purple Sox bullpen has been with adult adult males like Okijima, Romero, Donnelly, and Papelbon and then examine out the Yankees susceptible bullpen that has blown a set of video games for them. purple Sox win the branch.

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    I am from Buffalo, NY been Sox fan My whole life, they should with the money they spend. I have been attacked at bars in Buffalo for wearing Red Sox shirts. Yankees are 500 miles from Buf, To be honest Im getting tired of every year its Yankees & Red Sox. I would like to see the Toronto Blue Jays win another World Series.

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    Win the DIVISION?


    Let's see them win a GAME first.

    THEN we can talk about them winning the division.

    Edit: The optimism of my avatar was written pre-season and may soon be deleted.

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    10 years ago

    There is no way unless they start winning some ball games.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Nope don't think so.

  • YES SIR!@!

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