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Question About Studying for math Midterm?

Okay, Im in high school, normal math. My math midterm is on tuesday, and I want to get at least an 85. There are four units I need to study, the first ones the hardest. How long do you think I should spend each day from now until the day of the rest, and how should I study so that I ace it? thanls

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    Quit asking questions, and do it kid! If you want to ace it, hit the books! Just get a good nights rest before, and have a kick *** breakfast on test day!

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    didnt college in basic terms start up possibly final week or something, and your NOW having midterms? rattling,and that i presumed having 2 quizzes a week after college began substitute into undesirable... nicely have you ever been reading ahead of this, or is this gonna be like a cramming consultation? If its a cramming consultation in basic terms pass over the formula which you studied so a great way and assessment any problems so you might of had difficulty with plus making offering up a twinkie or something to the buyer saint of math ought to not harm

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