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which is better: too faced kabuki brush or powder pouf brush?

i need a makeup brush for blush and maybe some powder. i heard the too faced brushes are really good and cute. but they're expensive, so i can only buy one. should i buy the too faced powder pouf brush



the too faced kabuki brush



or should i just buy the too faced teddy bear hair professional brush set?


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    Too Faced Kabuki Brush:

    This is hands-down the best kabuki brush I've ever used. I got this for Christmas a few years ago because I couldn't part with $30 for a brush myself & fell in love. It's so soft I can't even describe how soft it is. It says it's made with teddy bear hair, and it really is as soft as a fluffy teddy bear. I used this for everything bronzer, blush, mineral foundation and it worked perfectly for everything.There was never any shedding and it never began to get rough or scratchy. The packaging is adorable too and never got banged up no matter how much I carried it around. However, I recently dropped it on a hard floor and it broke. The pink outer part under the brush popped off, and the lid won't stay on without that part. So now it's just a squat kabuki brush with a black handle. I suppose I could glue the bottom back on, but I'm too lazy. I still use this because it works just the same, it's just not as cute or travel-friendly now. If I ever find myself with $30 just sitting around, I'll totally buy this in it's original form again. It's amazing.

    Powder Pouf Brush:

    After I bought their teddy bear kabuki brush and I wanted to try their face powder brush also. Just like the teddy bear kabuki brush, this powder brush was very soft and it did not shed at all. I've tried to use with my loose powder and bronzer which worked perfectly with either one. This is my favorite brush with my teddy bear kabuki brush. I wish they make a stippling brush too!! I am so in love with too faced brushes!!!

    BUT im gonna have to go with too faced kabuki brush! :)

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    Too Faced Powder Pouf Brush

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    get the kabuki brush.

    they are wayyyy better for blending.


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