How tall is the average totem pole? More importantly, how tall is 1 image/carving on a totem pole? There's always 1 stacked on top of another, so I need to know: how tall is ONE image?

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    A friend had 2 shipped to her home. She did not bury them in dirt but

    propped them up on her deck. I seem to recall that they were 14 feet tall.

    It is possible that she had cut off the part that would be buried in the ground.

    here is some info I found:

    Totem poles are an ancient tradition of the Indian tribes of the Pacific Northwest Coast--Washington state in the USA, British Columbia in Canada--and some of the Athabaskan tribes of southern Alaska. Contrary to popular belief, the Southwest Indians, Plains Indians, and Inuit never carved totem poles (use your common sense--there are no trees that size in the Sonoran desert or the Arctic tundra!) Now and then, though, you will hear an anthropologist claim that there was never any such thing as totem poles at all before Europeans came to the New World. Since totems are made of wood and decay over time, there is no way to prove to anthropologists that this assertion is false, but the oral histories of Northwestern Indians and their neighbors are unanimous about totem poles existing in those cultures long before European arrival, and the form and designs of totem poles are so stylized and distinctive it is hard to believe they sprang up recently. They have definitely grown in size since the acquisition of European woodcarving tools, though. The totem poles in Haida, Tlingit, Kwakiutl, and other Northwest Coast folklore were carried by men or stood inside a room. Neither was possible for the majestic totem poles made during the 1800's, which were made of single pieces of cedar up to forty feet high.

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    It would depend on the carver of the totem pole. The totem pole is kinda like a spiritual family tree, so how tall it would be would depend on the family tree of the person who it was describing. As far as I know the images would not be the same size for each image. Most were very tall. I would make a guess of 20 feet. That is just an estimate from the ones I've seen. Blessed be.

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