Why do Jewish holidays begin at sundown?

Jewish holidays, as you may know, begin at sundown--Passover begins tonight, but the first "day" is tomorrow. The sabbath begins about 18 minutes before sundown on Friday to when the first three stars appear in the sky on Saturday. And so on. This is something I learned growing up Jewish (although I no longer practice), but I'm curious as to why. Does it have something to do with the verse in Genesis that says it was evening and then it was morning, the first day?


Matthew, yes, I know that. I am asking WHY.

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    In the jewish calendar, just like the muslim calendar, the new day begins after sunset, and ends the following sunset

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    When Do Jewish Holidays Begin

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    Jews follow the moon not the sun it has something to do with that also jews "day" begins at night.

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    i suggest you ask this question in the ''israel section'' ------you will get very fine answers over there

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