Obsessive-compulsive disorder question?

I have a question that maybe people on here with OCD can help me with. I don't know if I'm OCD or not, I'm probably not but I do know that I'm not exactly functioning the way a typical person should be functioning, and I don't know what is wrong with me. I think I have social anxiety disorder as well but for OCD, I was reading online and it said one common symptom could be fear of making a mistake, which I have, and there are certain rituals or things that people do to try and combat these fears.

I have horrible fear of making a mistake. When I had a job last year, if I made a mistake, whatever outfit I was wearing that day and however my hair was, I would never wear that again hoping that it would prevent me from making a mistake. I would wear the same socks, undergarments, shorts, and sneakers repeatedly if I had a day where I didn't make a mistake, in hopes that I would continue to not make a mistake.

Similarly, when I went to complete my 6 hours of driving to get my permit, I had one day that was fairly good, so the next day I wore the exact same outfit and had to have four bobby pins in my hair, because I had four in my hair the first day. I did well that day driving, so for the last day I wore the exact same outfit with my hair the same way.

Could this be indicative of obsessive-compulsive disorder, or am I just weird? Do I have something else wrong with me? Please, any kind of help on this subject would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much in advance.

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    10 years ago
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    That just sounds like you are superstitious, not that you have ocd. OCD is a lot more severe and complicated than that. Everyone has fears and no one wants to make a mistake but stuff happens and we all make mistakes. Everyone also can be superstitious about certain things.

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    It doesn't sound like OCD to me. I'm not a professional but OCD is more complicated. People with OCD have compulsions and obsessions that will greatly affect their lives. Most of the time the compulsions and obsessions are to prevent or put out of their mind what they fear is going to happen. Some of the compulsions are abnormal like having to touch something a certain amount of times or to walk on a certain colour tile when walking in a room. It seems to me that you just are superstitious. Nobody like s making mistakes but everyone ends up making them anyway.

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    I, too, have this problem. In my little world, no one could have long fingernails. Fingernails would not be allowed to come to the end of your fingers. Same thing applies to toenails. Cut them, tear them, chew them, bite them, file them, but just get rid of them. And people's diets would be changed so that the fingernails would remain on the thin side. I absolutely cannot stand to see thick fingernails or toenails. It is very repulsive to me. And since this is my little world, although it has nothing to do with OCD, at age 30-All persons would be sterilized. If you had children before you were 30, then good, if you planned to wait...Too bad. So that any unwanted children out here might have a chance of being adopted. Hey, it's just my little world. And it would be a capital offense to harm an animal and if it were a domestic animal such as a pet, the person would get the death penalty. Hey, this is my Utopia.

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    OCD is a very misunderstood disorder, I have OCD and every case is different, for example I am stuck in rituals like the way I shower, do the dishes, I can't part with certain thing, the clothes I wear, odd numbers just to name a few....... but thats just me, I have a friend and she also has OCD and for her its germs and order.

    seriously just go talk to a doctor every one is different... but the thing that makes me think you might have it is the fact you can rationalise that you behavior isn't normal

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