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Any Car Rental Company That Lets You Tow Vehicles?

I was in Defense, and lived in Colombia and recently shifted to Quebec and I need to tow my car back to Colombia to get safety inspection and renew tags, It is a older car so I would feel safer towing it there, I was planning to use a U-Haul trailer but I don’t want to use a U-Haul truck if I am not moving anything.

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    Hi John, I don't believe Enterprise will let you with their pick-up trucks. However I believe U-Haul has pick-up trucks but I don't know if you can rent one of those on a one-way rental. I'd suggest you get some idea from the Vehicle magazines, you will find all sorts of specialist’s advertising there, just go through their website. Take a look over this site.

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  • Matt
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    dont know what they charge but i know home depot and i think lowes even rents out trucks. pick up trucks but i dont know if it would be cheaper to get a u-haul. I would also check out craigslist see if you can find someone to work out a deal there but in the end it would probably be cheaper to rent the truck from u haul or home depot

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    Uhaul, have trailers you may hire. basically that no longer all of them have it. attempt organization motor vehicle leases and spot in the event that they have some thing like a F150 or an entire length truck. issues are sluggish, so which you additionally can artwork out some sort of deal, in the journey that your going to maintain it for some days. good success. FYI, I had my truck deliver from Norfolk Viginia to long sea coast California. fee me seven-hundred dollars one way.

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