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How did WWI help Canada gain its independance from Britain?

three ways please???

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    1. Canada's soldiers made huge contributions and turned out to be the greatest, most successful fighting force in the whole war. They went from being totally disrespected and deemed weak to gaining great respect and becoming the Allies' "storm troops"--thrown into the front of the most important and most difficult battles. They were clearly discerned from other British and Commonwealth troops due to their success and valour in battle. They were known, on both sides of the line, as CANADIANS, not mere British commkonwealth troops.

    2. The Victory at Vimy Ridge. It was the MASTERPIECE of World War I, and Canadians planned and executed it from start to finish. It was planned chiefly by a Canadian General--Arthur Currie. He trained the troops in new ways more thorough and innovative than any General before, planned extensively, and carried the entire attack off with extreme precision and success. When all was said and done, Currie and the Canadians captured the strongest, most important position on the entire German line--something the British, French and all other troops had failed to do. It was a CANADIAN victory, and the greatest one of the war. Prime Minister David Lloyd George of Britain claimed that if the war had gone on anothe ryear, Currie would have been commander of ALL British forces. He was the complete opposite of the imbecile, Douglas Haig, architect of the disasters at the Somme and Passchendaele (which, ultimately again, only the Canadians could win.)

    3. Prime Minister Robert Borden demanded that Canada get its own seat at the peace conference, and sign the Treaty of Versailles as an independent nation. He received both. Canada particip[ated independently in the peace process--earning that right through its huge contributions to WWI.

    Is it any wonder that over the next decade, Canada became more and more independent, leading to complete independentce through the Statute of Westminster in 1931!

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    really, "Canada Day (French: Fête du Canada), in the previous Dominion Day (French: Le Jour de l. a. Confédération), is Canada's nationwide day, a federal statutory vacation celebrating the anniversary of the a million July 1867 enactment of the British North u . s . Act, which united Canada as a unmarried u . s ., which develop into in turn composed of four provinces." "even even with the truth that Canada is called having develop right into a kingdom in its own proper on that date,[4][5][6] the British Parliament saved restricted rights of political administration over the recent u . s . that were shed with the help of levels over the years till the superb vestiges were surrendered in 1982 at the same time as the structure Act patriated the Canadian structure."

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