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What's the difference between fw, cc and to?

I'm really confused with these emails. I know fw is forwarding a message to people. But cc is carbon copy or something and also sends it to other people. And you can send a message also to multiple people in the 'To:' box... So what's the difference??

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  • rowlfe
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    10 years ago
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    Well, this goes back to the days of paper business correspondence, that was typed by hand. TO: means WYHO it is sent TO, of course. You CAN place multiple email address on the TO line, usually separated by a comma. The CC line stands for Carbon Copy, as THAT uis exactly what it used to BE, carbon copies of a letter sent to others. Again, for email, yo0u can have multiple addresses on the CC line, again also separated by commas. There is a 3rd line, the BCC: line. Which stands for Blind Carbon Copy. Email addresses on the BCC line are hidden and not seen by anyone else receiving a copy. Which is exactly why spammers USE the BCC line for their mass mailings. I automatically reject any email that does not have my email address on the TO or CC lines. FW is simply a email message that you send on to someone else instead of creating a new one, forwarding. So, the differences really do not mean very much except for the BCC line used for mailing lists. The names are simply holdovers from the era of paper business correspondence. If you can, get hold of an old "style" book for business correspondence, probably dating back to the 50's. In 1962, I took a shorthand class and a typing class in high school. Yes, I was the ONLY boy in each class, just like when I took a home ec class. My mother demanded us boys get the same education as the girls and likewise for my sisters, who ended up in auto shop. (And I really DO appreciate my mother DID that, make us boys learn how to run a home. I can cook and sew better than MANY women I know, which tends to intimidate some... I simply LOVE to cook. Give me a recipe and I can go to town, just like Julia Child.) Anyway, what you see today is legacy naming that serves little useful purpose as they used to in conducting business. I have never lost my typing skills I learned way back when, but I have lost the shorthand and recently, I ran across my old shorthand books and have started my own personal revival to relearn the skills I once HAD...

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    fw is for forwarding a mail already in your inbbox

    and cc is to send the same mail to another person called copy

    and to is the first person whom you want to mail

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