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Am i pregnant??????????????

My LMP was March 22. I should have ovulated around the 5th of April, which my husband and i had unprotected sex a few times between the 3-7. Its April 20, and my period is a day late. However i took 2 first response tests a week and a half and a week ago, and an answer test yesterday morning and all were negative. I always have regular periods. I dont want to waste money on a 4th test unless there is a possibility i could be preg still. Thanks

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    It's possible you're still pregnant and the HPT didn't catch the HCG hormone. If you're worried I would go to the doctor, they'll give you a blood test and then you'll know for sure.

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    instead of waisting money go to the doctors n pee on a stick its free....dont do the blood test one cause then u have to wait for the results to came back.

  • asrai
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    10 years ago

    I was too early to test. Wait a week and test again.

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    Sugar plum, how do you expect us to provide a pregnancy diagnosis via the inter-webs? We aren't physic. We are not pregnancy testers. Myself, nor anyone else lurking yahoo.answers can confirm a pregnancy.

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    if you are is that good new or bad news?

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