how to cure cancer leukemia?

in the blood

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  • 10 years ago
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    What kind of leukemia? Different kinds have different treatments. Chronic leukemias are not cured. They can be treated for a very long time, or even just watched for a long time before any treatment is needed.

    Acute leukemias can be considered cured. ALL is the most common kind of cancer in children and has a VERY high event free survival rate. When a person has achieved 5+ years of event free survival, they are considered cured. ALL is treated with chemotherapy and steroids, and occasionally radiation.

    AMLs can also be cured, but they don't have nearly as high of an event free survival rate that ALL does. They are treated, depending on the subtype, with chemotherapy, other drugs such as ATRA and arsenic, and bone marrow transplant.

    Source(s): Work in pediatric oncology
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