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OK I'm In Grade 11 but Born In 1995 Skipped A Grade living in (Ontario).About a year ago i didn't know what i wanted to become when i grew older but i found out after much searching that i wanted to become a pharmacist Ive already picked my course for Grade 12 which included Advanced Functions Biology Chemistry English and Some mark boosters like computer science and music.

Now i was looking online and stumbled upon the university of Waterloo's Pharmacy School and it said i need to have completed 2 years of university with a bunch of university courses as prerequisites like


Introductory Cell Biology† (BIOL 130/130L)

Genetics (BIOL 139)

Fundamentals of Microbiology (BIOL 140)


Physical and Chemical Properties of Matter† (CHEM 120/120L)

Chemical Reactions, Equilibria and Kinetics† (CHEM 123/123L)

Introductory Biochemistry† (CHEM 237/237L) or Fundamentals of Biochemistry (CHEM 233)

Introductory Chemical Thermodynamics (CHEM 254)

Basic Organic Chemistry 1† (CHEM 266/266L) or Organic Chemistry 1 (CHEM 264)

Basic Organic Chemistry 2† (CHEM 267/267L) or Organic Chemistry 2† (CHEM 265/265L)


Calculus 1 for the Life Sciences (MATH 127) or Calculus 1 for Honours Mathematics (MATH 137) or Calculus 1 Advanced (MATH 147)

Calculus 2 for the Life Sciences (MATH 128) or Calculus 2 for Honours Mathematics (MATH 138) or Calculus 2 Advanced (MATH 148)

Introductory Statistics for Scientists (STAT 202)

Humanities or Social Sciences

2.0 full credits (four terms) in Humanities or Social Sciences at the university level. No more than 1.0 credit in any one subject area.

is there a specific course that offers all these things generally what type of program should i be applying for in university to get all these prerequisites and proceed to the school of pharmacy

Help Would be Appreciated Thanks in Advance

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    Hi, I am 16 (born in 1995 too) and i live in Ontario like you. So i am having the same problem (understanding this) i want to be go to the U of T or Waterloo.

    Conditional Admission to Pharmacy (CAP)

    The Conditional Admission to Pharmacy (CAP) program is an exciting new opportunity for outstanding high school students to be pre-admitted to the University of Waterloo School of Pharmacy. With this program, students are provided with a clear path toward achieving their goal of becoming a pharmacist.

    Normally, applications to the Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (BScPhm) degree program are considered from university students who have completed at least two years of undergraduate science. With the CAP program, high school students can receive a conditional offer of admission to the School of Pharmacy, to begin the BScPhm program in their third year of university studies. Specific criteria must be met in order to maintain CAP status. Students who satisfy these requirements will have their place assured in the BScPhm program at UW.

    With CAP status, students will be able to participate in some social and educational activities organized by the School and the UW Society of Pharmacy Students (SOPhS). This will enable students in the CAP program to learn more about the degree program and the profession of Pharmacy. With the connections and friendships they will establish, CAP students will have a smooth transition into the Pharmacy program. In addition, School of Pharmacy staff will act as resources to CAP students, to guide them toward successful admission into the BScPhm program.

    Are you eligible?

    Here is a checklist of items that will allow you to self-assess whether you are eligible, or likely to be eligible, for admission to the CAP program:

    ≥ 90% high school admission average (grade 12 final grades), as calculated for the Faculty of Science at UW. This average is based on the student’s top six grades, including required courses for admission to the Faculty of Science.

    Have completed, or are registered to take this academic year, the courses required for admission to the Faculty of Science: any Grade 12 U English, Grade 12 U Advanced Functions, Grade 12 U Calculus and Vectors, and any 2 of: Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Space Science, Mathematics of Data Management, Physics; and any other Grade 12 U or M course.

    Demonstrated leadership

    Community involvement through volunteering and other efforts

    Work experience

    Interest in the profession of Pharmacy – you will need to write about this interest in a short personal statement that is part of the CAP application process

    Willing to provide two letters of reference: one academic (teacher, principal, guidance counselor); one from employer or volunteer agency

    Have already achieved, or are willing to pursue, 200 hours of pharmacy-related work or volunteer experience by the middle of second year of undergraduate studies at UW

    How to apply for the CAP program

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    I'm currently a third year medical student. I don't know anything about pharmacy school but I can tell you my thoughts on med school. Time and money: School is very time consuming. I had to stay home many nights while friends were out partying. You sacrifice a significant amount of your young adulthood. And unless you come from a rich family you are going to be poor for a very long time. I live off of student loans and I have very little money. I don't expect to have money for another 2 years. I don't expect to be making 6 figures until another 7 years. Then I have to be paying off loans for 25 years. A different option for a less stressful way into hands on healthcare: get a BA in nursing. After you graduate work at a hospital that will pay for a masters. You can make 6 figures as a NP or a nurse anesthetist (and in a significant less amount of time). The med school material is difficult but very science based. I did not take calculus but I took stats. The math is minimal in med school so don't let that aspect scare you off. Also, I love learning about science, disease, and diagnosing. As much stress as it is to be doing what I do, everyday I am happy with my decision to pursue obtaining an M.D.

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    University Of Waterloo Pharmacy Requirements

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