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Is Elmo really green and the Cookie Monster eats veggies? Is it true?

I remember when I was little Elmo was red and the Cookie Monster ate cookies. But I`ve heard that Elmo is green and the Cookie Monster is now the . . . VEGGIE MONSTER! I hope this isn`t true. Is it?


@Ronnie West I can`t believe it. I remember shows like Braceface. That`s just sad =(

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    Don't accept Ronnie's pathetic "joke".

    Both Sesame Street characters are still the same. Elmo's still red and childish and Cookie STILL Cookie Monster, in spite of this persistent Veggie Monster garbage that's been constantly spread around like dog crap in flower gardens for the last 15 years. The urban legend sites and Sesame Workshop themselves shot down that story but it lingers like a case of the runs after a bad Chinese dinner.

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    From what I'm given to understand, there were concerns by some parents about Cookie Monster's food of choice and a possible link to childhood obesity. There was a segment on the show where Cookie Monster taught kids that cookies were a "sometimes food." He is still named Cookie Monster and still eats cookies, but he does so in moderation and not with the reckless abandon that he did in the 70s and 80s.

    Elmo was green in a direct-to-video release called "Elmo Goes Green" where he teaches about the environment, but in his regular appearances, the character is still very much red.

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    Yes it is not the Elmo part Elmo is still red and the VEGGI monster doest have teeth any more because it scares little kids lol true

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