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1995 Cadillac Seville STS?

I've a 1995 Cadillac STS with about 134000km. I had some DTCs for the transmission solenoids. I replaced the solenoids as one of them were broken. But there was still another issue. When i start the car, it stumbles, misses and stalls. I also noticed it was burning ALOT of fuel (strong fumes and smoke from tail pipe). I checked for codes and none found. When i put the key to the ON position, the Service Engine Soon lamp flashes erratically. A bit strange since there are no codes. I thought it might be bad grounds for the PCM. I checked all the ground and power wires for the PCM. They all checked good. Intermittently, while the car is running, the battery lamp would illuminate, the temperature would fluctuate. While driving, intermittently, it felt like the car was in neutral (step on gas pedal, and only the RPMs would raise) and the speedo would also intermittently stop working and then it would kick back in. So i've proper power and grounds for the PCM, everything leads back to the PCM. Some input would be appreciated. Thx!


*I am actually an Automotive Technician....I've never had an issue like this before and i was only seeing if anyone out there had a similar issue.

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    You have done a lot of foot work to find the problem. Sometimes, it is best to bite the bullet and trust the professionals. If you insist on fixing the problem yourself, call around to garages to find out what a diagnosis would cost. With the issues you are having, it will be a process of elimination to diagnose, and being intermittent doesn't help. I know it sucks to have an issue you can't just solve but sometimes it happens and the pro's have tools that you don't. I know it isn't the answer you want, but I hope it helps.

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    purchase the freon equipment from Autozone or perhaps though comparable vehicle factors shop you have interior of reach. To recharge your freon, hook up the freon bottle on the low rigidity enter(it could have somewhat blue cap on it), turn on your vehicle, turn on the A/C complete blast(this turns on your compressor) and then empty the canister into your gadget. The equipment could have instructions.

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