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What would you name quadruplets using these names from 1950?

-- Using names from the lists given below, come up with first and middle names for quadruplets. You can choose the genders and change spellings if you want as long as it doesn't change the pronunciation of the name. All of the names are from the top 1000 names in the US for the year 1950. This is all for fun, so enjoy!


Sandra, Deborah, Betty, Joyce, Elizabeth, Cynthia, Sheila, Suzanne, Rose, Laura, Dianne, Gwendolyn, Jeanette, Julia, Josephine, Vivian, Lillian, Renee, Christina, Candace, Eleanor, Veronica, Lydia, Stella, Adrienne, Camille, Natalie, Tamara, Jana, Theodora, Isabelle, Linnea, Hilary, Raquel, Adeline, Georgianna, Ophelia.


Alec, Jory, Brendan, Leonardo, Cyrus, Cameron, Pierre, Damon, Ian, Andres, Carmen, Simon, Elliott, Woodrow, Vaughn, Malcolm, Nathan, Marshall, Oscar, Alexander, Jesse, Benjamin, Nicholas, Theodore, Philip, Samuel, Frederick, Russell, Craig, Patrick, Gregory, Marcus, Robert, Thomas, James, Dennis.

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    • Girls:

    Elizabeth Dianne

    Rose Georgianna

    Lydia Isabelle

    Ophelia Jeanette

    Vivian Renee

    • Boys:

    Cameron Oscar

    Elliot Vaughn

    James Alexander

    Samuel Thomas

    Damon Theodore

    EDIT: Oops, I got quads mixed up with quints :-P

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    Eleanor Renee

    Gwendolyn Camille

    Theodore Samuel

    Ian Thomas

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    Isobel Hilary Georgianna(Izzy)

    Lydia Camille Tamara(Lydia)

    Renee Lillian Elenor(Rie)

    Veronica Rose Elizabeth(Ronnie)


    Alec Simon Marshall(Alec)

    Samule Damon Patrick(Sam)

    Elliott Marcus Oscar(Elliott)

    Alexander James Gregory(Xander)


    Alec Oscar James(Alec)

    Samule Alexander Elliott(Sam)

    Isobel Lillian Gwendolyn(Izzy)

    Veronica Natalie Rose(Ronnie)


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    Renee Elizabeth

    Julia Dianne

    Adeline Rose

    Lydia Josephine

    Eleanor Lillian

    Benjamin Elliott

    Cyrus James

    Alec Gregory

    Jesse Robert

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    Joyce Renee

    Elizabeth Rose

    Adrienne Jana

    Natalie Lydia


    Alec Phillip

    Nathan James

    Alexander Cameron

    Elliott Leo(nardo)

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    Cyrus Alexander, Elliott Theodore, Samuel Frederick, and Gregory Patrick

    4 girls;

    Julia Adrienne, Lydia Rose, Adeline Elizabeth, and Natalia Georgianna

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    Lydia Rose

    Natalie Dianne

    Isabelle Camille

    Lillian Elizabeth


    Benjamin Alexander

    Brendan Theodore

    Samuel Patrick

    Ian Robert

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    Adeline Isabelle

    Natalie Sandra

    Jana Rose

    Laura Elizabeth


    Frederick Thomas

    James Elliott

    Benjamin Patrick

    Nathan Alexander

    Lina, Natty, Jana & Laura

    Freddie, James, Benji & Nate

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    -- Elizabeth Isabelle Betty.

    -- Rose Jeanette Camille.

    -- Robert Alexander Jesse.

    -- James Theodore Patrick.

    [Beth, Rose, Robert & Jimmy].


    Source(s): ~ Jayne.
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    Laura Isabelle

    Julia Renee

    Adrienne Rose

    Cameron Nicholas

  • Anonymous
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    Candace Lillian

    Malcolm Samuel

    Thomas Carmen

    Simon Gregory

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