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Chocolate ice cream recipe with ice cream maker?

We have a lab in chemistry in which we have to make any flavor of ice cream. My friends and i decided to choose chocolate ice cream. We have 50 minutes to finish it. Does any one have any good recipes that are short so we have time to freeze it? We can use an ice cream maker.


and no cooking! sorry forgot to add that and no eggs... my bad

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    Milky Way Ice Cream

    12 (2.05 oz) Milky Way® bars

    1 (14 oze) can sweetened condensed milk

    1/2 cup chocolate syrup

    8 cups whole milk

    1.Chop candy bars into ½" chunks.

    2.In a medium saucepan, combine candy-bar chunks and condensed milk. Cook over low heat on stovetop, stirring often, until candy bars are almost melted but a few chunks remain. Remove from heat and let cool slightly.

    3.Add syrup to candy-bar mixture; mix well. Add milk; stir.

    4.Pour chocolate mixture into the canister of a 4-quart ice-cream freezer. Freeze according to manufacturer’s directions.

    --Taste of the South, Summer 05

    Note: For a small, 1-quart gel freezer:

    3 (2.05 oz) Milky Way® bars

    1/3 cup sweetened condensed milk

    2 Tbsp. chocolate syrup

    2 cups whole milk

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    Quick Chocolate Ice Cream

    5 tablespoon of cocoa

    1 can condensed milk

    1 cup milk

    Mix together milk and condensed milk. Dissolved the cocoa in a little hot water. When fully dissolved

    stir it into the milk mixture.

    Transfer mixture into ice cream maker freeze

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    1(14oz.) can sweetened condensed milk; 1(12oz.) container frozen whipped topping, thawed; 1 gallon chocolate milk, divided. Fold sweetened condensed milk and whipped topping into 1 quart of chocolate milk. Pour into 6-quart freezer container and add remaining chocolate milk. Freeze according to manufacturer's directions. Serves 12.

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