What Phone Should I Get?

I Have it between:

Samsung Intensity II

Kin Two by Microsoft

Please tell me what you know and if you can recommend one that would be great



All I do is call and text

I have Verizon

I just want something that wont break cause I use my phone alot.

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  • 10 years ago
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    All depends on what you like. They both have a full keyboard, but one has a touch screen, and the other does not.

    I would go with the in Kin Two. It has a 8MP camera, and WiFi (free internet usage :D )

  • 10 years ago

    Motorola Atrix is 4G, has a front and back camera, video chat,touch screen, and is a decent size. Samsung Captivate Galaxy S is 3G, has an awesome high tech look, easy to use touch screen, and is pretty big. A Dell Streak is a big phone, but I heard it is one of the best. Search each of these phones on Google Images.

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