How do I increase the og of my beer?

I just brewed a beer last night, the desired og is 1.045, I was around 055 so I added a little water and got a bit carried away and ended up at 032. Could I make up a little batch of dry extract and add it until I reach my desired gravity or do I risk causing problems doing that?


Sorry for the confusion. 1.055 and 1.032 respectively.

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  • 10 years ago
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    Generally you should check the target OG at the beginning of the boil and make the necessary adjustments at that time. You can easily end up chasing your tail, trying to hit the exact gravity after the boil, as well as increasing your risk of contamination.

    Let it ferment, it may not have the body you were shooting for, but that's better than contaminating it.

    For future reference, you can compute your gravity points at the beginning of the boil as (Volume x Gravity (the numbers after the decimal point)). Compare that to your target volume x target gravity. If the Target is greater, take the difference and divide by 45. The result is the number of pounds of DME to add to the boil to make up the difference.

    So if you were shooting for a 5G batch of 1.045 and started the boil with 5.5G at 1.032 you would have (5*45)-(5.5*32)=49 gravity points. So you'd have to add a little more than a pound of DME to the boil to make up the difference.

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  • 10 years ago

    Do another reading. I don't know what a 055 means and I've been brewing for fourteen years.

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