Change In Due Date, Questions About Pregnancy?

I am VERY sure about my LMP (my periods were like clockwork, I could set my watch to them.).

Today I was informed that they've changed my due date from August 11 to August 2.

And apparently my baby is going to be a bigger baby.

Has anyone else been told this and actually delivered earlier, had a bigger baby, etc.

I don't mind the change in due date, but I am kind of cautioned by the bigger baby thing. Apparently my baby is a week older in size.

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    10 years ago
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    your LMP date may be correct but you may have the wrong ovulation date therefore size/date would be out slightly. I have just had my date changed from 11/10/11 to 6/10/11 for this reason but no mention of bigger baby. Good luck with that. LOL ;)

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