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Automation Benefits 10 POINTS?

Can someone list 3-5 benefits that would minimize costs and maximize benefits of automation!! PLEASE ANSWER!! I promise to give 10 Points to best answer!!

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    The main advantages of automation are:

    Replacing human operators in tasks that involve hard physical or monotonous work.[2]

    Replacing humans in tasks done in dangerous environments (i.e. fire, space, volcanoes, nuclear facilities, underwater, etc.)

    Performing tasks that are beyond human capabilities of size, weight, speed, endurance, etc.

    Economy improvement. Automation may improve in economy of enterprises, society or most of humanity. For example, when an enterprise invests in automation, technology recovers its investment; or when a state or country increases its income due to automation like Germany or Japan in the 20th Century.

    The Benefits of Process Automation

    In addition to those already mentioned, there are many benefits to process automation. Some of these


    Improved Efficiency. Many business processes span systems, departments, or even external business

    partners. Manual effort, poor hand-offs between departments or partners, and the general inability to monitor

    overall progress results is a significant waste for most processes. Process automation eliminates or

    significantly reduces these problems with a resultant reduction in labor hours, time span, and increased


    Increased Productivity. By automating processes that are currently being implemented manually, individuals

    can work more efficiently and can take on new or additional workloads. Process automation allows us to rise

    to the challenge of being asked to do more with less.

    Shorter Cycle Times. Time is money. By automating processes, they are kept moving, hand-offs are

    facilitated, consistency is assured, and cycle times to complete the process are shortened. Getting the product

    or service to the end user or to market quicker can result in significant financial benefits.

    Consistent Process Implementation. Consistency comes from having a documented process that is

    understood and followed every time. Process automation makes the process easy to understand and enforces

    adherence to the process steps. This eliminates missed steps often found in manual processes, resulting in

    consistent, reliable measures that assist in making decisions and implementing process improvements.

    Corporate Governance and Compliance. Process compliance, regulatory compliance, and corporate

    governance are ever increasing in importance. Organizations must demonstrate consistency and show that

    effective controls and business monitors are in place to ensure processes are sound and will provide financial

    accountability, visibility, and reduce risk and fraud. Process automation can help your company with

    compliance issues surrounding regulations like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Combined Code for Corporate

    Governance, Bilanz Reform, and more. Noncompliance or lack of adequate controls can cost your company

    big-time. Process automation ensures your processes are followed as they are laid out.

    Ability to Quickly Implement Change. Another benefit of automated process is that the reliable, consistent

    information provided can enable you to recognize the need for change or improvement quickly and then be

    able to make that change and put it into effect in a faster and more controlled manner than you could with a

    manual process. The ability to change quickly provides an important business advantage.

    Improved Customer Service and Satisfaction. Customers are much more satisfied when they receive timely,

    top quality products and services. Process automation enables you to build consistency into your products

    and services, facilitate continuous improvement, and get the product or service to your customer faster.

    Happy customers are repeat customers.

    Reduced Costs and Improved Profits. All of the above benefits result in direct bottom-line results of reduced

    costs, ability to take on more work, and improved profitability. All things any company is seeking.

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