Can anyone help me to understand this poem " Gathering" by Margaret Atwood?

the question I need to answer is : with reference to the poem, discuss the poet's use of imagery to portray the aging process.

answer this question with quotes.

thank and please!

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    Margaret Atwood's parents were two major influences on her career and works. Atwood was born in 1939; her youth occurred at a time when women were not frequently encouraged to pursue their education or have a career outside the home. Both of her parents nurtured her love of literature; they home-schooled her through the 8th grade and encouraged her to read and write prolifically.

    Another major influence came in the form of Northrop Frye, an English professor and literary critic under whom Atwood studied at Toronto University. He impressed upon her the value of Canadian literature, which at the time was under-appreciated throughout the world.

    Margaret Atwood states that she was greatly influenced by Canadian poets who were active during her lifetime, as well as just before. These poets include Margaret Avison, Jay Macpherson, Irving Layton, Leonard Cohen, Al Purdy, and Gwendolyn MacEwen.

    Atwood has also been influenced by her spiritual beliefs; she labels herself a "pessimistic pantheist" and has stated that she feels that "God is everywhere, but losing." She believes that all of creation- everything that exists- is made of "God stuff", and that each new form of molecule, amino acid, or genetic material is an expression of God. Atwood therefore feels that by damaging the Earth and causing species to become extinct, humanity is "damaging God".

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