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would makeup brushes get messed up in a makeup bag?

lets say i have a makeup bag that i put my makeup brushes (face and eye brushes) and some of my makeup (like blushes, concealer, foundation/tinted moisturizer, mascara, etc.), which i put in my bag and carry around. will my makeup brushes roll around, get crushes by my makeup, and mess up the bristles? and if it does, how can i fix this?

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    No, it will not mess them up at all.

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    yes, and no:) how's that for an answer? lol. I don't have any problems with it and I leave all of mine in a bag and they're fine:) because the bag is large enough to fir all of my brushes in it. I think that if the bag was too small and they had to be smooshed in there to fit then it would probably lead to some problems. But as long as it fits I think you should be fine:) Also, from personal experience my brushes don't crush my makeup(as long as its closed and sealed) and if your worried about the bristles becoming messed up then just buy some brush guards they're very cheap and you can find them at


    I hope this helps:)

  • 10 years ago

    No just depends on what you have in there and is everything crammed in there or not? from what you listed nothing should happen. If all of a sudden something weird causes this to happen you can get a smalled bag for the brushes alone and put it in the makeup bag that will also work, just to be on a safe side.

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