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is canada still involved in wars?

is canada currently?

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    Canada has announced that it will withdraw the bulk of its troops from Afghanistan in 2011. In September 2008, Conservative leader Stephen Harper pledged this, saying a decade at war is enough. He acknowledged that neither the Canadian public nor the troops themselves had any appetite to stay longer in the war and said that only a small group of advisers might remain.

    On Dec 09/10 it was announced that after the end of combat operations in 2011, Canadian Forces will be transferred from ISAF to the NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan to continue the training of the Afghan National Army and Afghan National Police.

    Some Canadian jets participated in the Libyan airstrike.

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    Canada became in touch in WW1 and WW2, they contributed many times to international conflict 2. For an excellent time they had an excellent airforce as a results of fact united statesa. pushed planes in basic terms interior of centemetres of the border, and a canadian might come throughout the time of and "steal the airplane" permitting the canadians to re-inventory and permitting the individuals to take a seat down the conflict out till 1940. Canada became in touch in the two gulf-wars and became the third greatest contributer to the afganistan conflict. As of january 2006 canadian defence took administration of afganistan and all coalition forces jointly with 20,000 canadian, british and australian forces and the 20,000 united statestroops in afganistan, are commanded via and have coverage dictated via the canadians. So it is taken under consideration necessary understand that they do no longer look to be helping united statestroops plenty as united statestroops are helping them. they are additionally in touch in peacekeeping operations alongside with international places of the comparable length, (e.g Aus, NZ). the united statesdoes no longer make contributions to peacekeeping (u.n) as their protection rigidity is already on finished rotational deployment (too many infantrymen distant places in midsection east, korea, and forward dedployed to permit)

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  • 9 years ago

    Yeah right now we are involved in Afghanistan; as far as I'm concerned it's all in vain. They don't want us there any more than they want the Taliban there.

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