What does experience mean? (Job-wise) please only serious answers.?

Ok, so I'm thinking of applying for a job. but everywhere I look everything requires experience...but what does this mean exactly.?

a) that I need some kind of completed course/school...(except there's usually a requirement section for this..but I don't know...:/

b) that I need to know HOW to do the job required.

...I apologize if this is a stupid question. but I'm new to the job world and every single job requires experience and I'm just not sure what they mean by that.. and then it'll say like 7months-1 yr...or 2-3 yrs..

I don't get this, can someone please just explain this to me.?

What does experience mean and what do they mean by how much..?

-Thanks is advance =)

**-->So as I was browsing jobs I saw one for a dishwasher (not interested by the way just browsing) and even that requires experience..really? what's so hard about washing dishes.? :/

c)so does that mean that I would have to have had a previous job as a dishwasher( would that be the experience they're talking about? ) in order to get the dishwasher job?

*I'm just a little bit confused* lol I also feel really stupid right now. But really need some serious answers.

-Thank You :)


Ok, so for example with the dishwashing thing, would it be enough if I wash dishes at home..? I mean I know how to wash dishes..lol it's super easy. and work a dishwashing machine..

but how would I put that on a resume.? and if they want like 1-2yrs..what would I say for that.? :/

I'v been washing dishes since I was little..

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    Yes, "experienced" means they only want people who have already done that sort of job because they usually do not have time to train someone. Even commercial dishwashing requires a certain type of knowledge and skill, for instance to run an industrial dishwashing machine and to know how to maintain required sanitation procedures in a restaurant.

    I realize this becomes a problem for a first-time job hunter. That's where the value of volunteer work experience comes in for young people or older adults just entering the job market. I know you don't want a dishwasher job, but someone who did could have done volunteer work in a homeless shelter kitchen or school cafeteria -- you don;t have to necessarily have it be a paying previous job. I have counselled young people interested in entering the engineering or building construction trades to volunteer with groups like Habitats for Humanities or Rebuilding America. Not only do you learn hands-on skills with such groups but having them on your resume is a big plus. If an employer sees you are willing to work hard as an unpaid volunteer, they can be pretty sure you will work hard for pay. Even if you were looking for a job in fashion retail, for example, you could gain experience by putting together a charity benefit fashion show for any recreational or sports club you belonged to or by volunteering to work in a thrift store that supports charitable work, setting up displays and helping customers. My brother, who is a commercial artist and designer, did a lot of free work for environmental groups and even for rock bands just starting out (designing their posters and CD j-cards). All of these "experiences" went into his resume and portfolio and helped him get his first good job with a New York City advertising firm.

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    What Does Experience Mean

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