how did the war of 1812 help canada?

please help!! please and thank you <3

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    Ironically, yes, another invasion intended to end Canada's nationhood did help the country.

    The Americans had invaded in 1775, intending to add Canada to their possessions, but that invasion was a dismal failure. By 1812, the War Hawks in Congress were itching for war. Quite apart from the squabble with Britain, the war was meant to take Canada. The president's top general was telling him Canada would be easy pickings and that Canadians would "welcome" the invasion. Even Thomas Jefferson called it "a mere matter of marching."

    They were wrong. A force composed of small numbers of British regulars, Indians, and about three times as many Canadian militia and provincial regulars stopped the larger American forces in their tracks in Upper and Lower Canada, and forced the Americans to retreat beyond their own border, surrendering Detroit, Buffalo, and Fort Dearborn (Chicago) in the process.

    It went so badly for the Americans that between the defeats in Canada, and the Royal Navy's economically devastating blockade of American ports, the New England states began openly discussing seceding from the Union.

    The notions of Canada and Canadians were almost two centuries old by 1812 (in fact, both terms predate the first use of the term Americans to describe white settlers), and while Upper and Lower Canada had had their own legislative assemblies for 20 years, nationhood, politically, was still 55 years in the future...but the fact of two cultures, Francophone and Anglophone, coming together to defeat a second attempt to absorb their land is credited with playing a major role in giving Canadians a sense of nationhood.

    Even post-war accounts that exaggerated the role of Canadians (compared to that of the British regulars), the so-called "Militia myth", bolstered that feeling.

    The war also helped Canada by putting limits on the notion of manifest destiny, the idea that the US had a God-given right to own all of North America. That probably helped cooler heads prevail in Washington decades later when some politicians wanted to take the entire pacific coast, or go to war ("54-40 or Fight" was the slogan).

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  • 9 years ago

    It help Canada from a US invasion. The US tired to Invade but since Canada was still a British colony they got help from Great Britain.

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