Help with this math problem please?!?! Has to do with vectors!?

A REALLY SLOW plane traveling North at 30 miles per hour encounters a 25 mph wind blowing North. What is the resulting speed and direction of the plane relative to the ground? How'd you get that answer? No rude comments please!!! :) Thanks


Thank you all! That is what I thought, but it just seemed too simple! :) Thanks again!

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    so if you have a graph, draw an arrow from the origin (the middle) going straight up (for north) and label it 30 mph.

    now from the end of that arrow, start another arrow. This is going to be the wind. The wind is going at 25 miles per hour, and it is going north, so draw it in the same direction as the plane, so it will look like 2 arrows on top of each other, one labeled 30, and the other 25

    the way to solve vectors is to find the distance from the tail of one, to the tip of the second. so start at the origin, and if you start there and go to the tip of the 25 arrow, how much of a distance have you gone? 55!

    and the direction that arrow is pointing? north!

    so 55 mph, going north. Hope this helped!! :D

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    the airplane is going 30 MPH in calm air, so the tailwind speeds it up by 25 MPH to a total of 55 MPH

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    10 years ago

    The answer is still 30 miles per hour!The wind won't influence the plane's speed.

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    10 years ago

    I'd say 30 + 25 = 55 for your answer.

    Airlines use jet streams to their advantage for making up time on flights.

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  • speed of plane wrt wind=30mph N

    speed of wind wrt ground=25mph N


    speed of plane wrt ground 55mph N

  • 10 years ago


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