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Shelly asked in PetsCats · 10 years ago

would spaying my cat solve this?

So i have 3 female cats all limited to inside only, 2 dont normally go in heat very often but one we named Doom it seems like she is in heat every other week, shes a super friendly cat to start with but she annoying when in heat. is it normal for her to be in heat this often? as the other two are not nearly as often. as well during this time she pees on things like my counter top or a blanket or bag. Iv caught her doing it once and so i believe it is just her i was thinking it may be an infection but now i think i may have to get her fixed sooner then latter as i cant stand this happening. so will fixing solve this?

PS 2 of the cats are to be fixed this year, we were just hopeing to get the dog in first, the other cat is nearly at the end of her life and doesnt go into heat any more.


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    10 years ago
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    Spaying her will probably solve this. She won't feel the need to spray urine everywhere to attract males. Some cats come in heat very often and this can be quite annoying. Spay her as soon as you can before she develops a bad habit of spraying everywhere. If you let this going for a long time, some females continue spraying after the spaying.

  • J C
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    10 years ago

    Each cat is different - some are in heat a couple times a year, others cycle in and out continuously. Many cats will urine mark when they are in heat - they are leaving their 'calling card' so that the boy cats know where to find them. Getting her fixed ASAP is in her best interest - and yours as well.

    Source(s): many years of cat rescue
  • 10 years ago

    definitely fix your kitty. if its an infection causing the peeing the vet can find this out when kitty is getting not getting your cat fixed,even the ones that don't go in heat often,your putting them at a higher risk for getting cancer. ive lost two cats because of this.price around,because different vets charge different prices. my regular vet was going to charge 216 to fix my cat plus the cost of shots,so i called another vet,and they charged me 150 to fix and shot included! big diference.

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