I'm an EEA nationality, would it be easier to get a UK citizenship?

I was just wondering how different is the process if your a EEA nationality and wanting to get a UK citizenship?

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    If you are an EEA national you are subject to EU immigration law. It takes five years to become a permanent resident and you must be a permanent resident for one year before you can apply for citizenship. To become a permanent resident you must have exercised your treaty rights in the UK for five years either employed, self employed, as a student or as a person of independent financial means. There is no need to apply for PR status as it is automatic, although you can apply for confirmation of status for free and online. Confirmation of PR will make any application for citizenship easier.

    If you are a non EEA national you are subject to UK immigration law. To become eligible for citizenship you must have been legally resident in the UK for at least five years. Your visa must be of a type that allows settlement rights. Student visas, temporary work visas and youth mobility scheme visas do not accrue residency rights that count towards settlement. In reality, citizenship normally takes six years as you must have indefinite leave to remain for a year before you are entitled to apply for citizenship and you can only apply for ILR after five years.

    People who come to the UK on spouse visas can claim ILR after two years and a few very vulnerable refugees may be granted ILR in a shorter period of time through the Gateway Programme. Spouses of visa holders who come to the UK as dependents can claim ILR at the same time as the main visa holder provided they have been resident for at least two years.

    Those who are married to British citizens are able to apply for citizenship after three years residency in the UK.

    Apart from ancestry visas, which are issued for five years, almost all other eligible visas are issued for two years and can, subject to conditions, be extended for a further three. Taking into account the cost of the original visa, visa extension and the ILR application, it can be very expensive to arrive at the stage when you become eligible to apply for citizenship. EEA nationals pay nothing towards reaching this stage.

    The costs, conditions and process to apply for citizenship are exactly the same for all applicants except for those applying as the spouse of a British citizen whose residency requirements are shorter and who must produce a marriage certificate and their spouses British passport with their application.

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    Unless you have lived in the UK for a certain amount of years you cant become a citizen right away. But if you do move there you become a resident after you file the right papers, this is a stepping stone to citizenship which I think is either 2 or 4 years from the time you are granted residency.

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