Poll: Do you think pre teen/ teen girls dress inappropriately?

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If you had a pre teen/teen daughter would you let her wear v-necks, short shorts, bikinis, spaghetti strap tank tops, belly shirts, play boy bunny shirts, thongs, push up bras? Why or ...show more
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im 17 and classified as being a teenage girl lol

i generally dress more conservatively.. shorts that allow you to see the cotton pocket lining peeping out r a no, belly shirts are also a no unless there's something under them, i've never owned anything with playboy on it and i do own a push up bra but just because there is nothing there otherwise and they are always covered up

i think there r plenty of teenage girls who do dress inappropriately though. from my experience it usually tends to be the less fashionable ones who opt for wearing bottom bearing shorts and low cut tops. for some it may be pressure from the media to look sexy and even from guys, who often blatantly go for girls who look and dress this way. then i guess for some it may be completely their choice but it likely started from the media.

i think its rather silly tho and i would not let my future daughter walk out the door looking like a hooker :) x

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Thank you everyone for all your opinions on the matter.
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  • i am one of those pre teens so listen up,i wear v-necks with a tank top underneath

    my shorts are finger length (most of em)

    i wear a bikini whats wrong with

    i wear spaghetti straps and tank tops

    belly shirts, play boy bunny shirts, thongs i do not wear no of that

    i do not wear push up bras!

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  • kaaay. answered 3 years ago
    Well you can't judge the entire age group, it's more about the individual. V-necks are okay with a tank top under them, shorts shouldn't be too short, I think some bikinis are acceptable as well as tank tops. Belly shirts and playboy shirt are not okay. Thongs aren't really unless they need them for no panty lines. And push up bras are okay as long as it's not too much. Most girls probably do feel pressured. But like I said, it depends on the individual.


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  • Experiment 626 answered 3 years ago
    i dont see anything wrong with v necks (as long as they're not ridiculously low) shorts are fine as long as they're not too short, bikinis are fine, i sometimes wear spaghetti strap/ tank tops if it is extremely hot or if im just relaxing or hanging out with a friend (they're fine as long as they're not worn at inappropriate times), belly shirts/ play boy/ thongs/ push ups are all a no no
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  • Curuptioninthe(Lungs) answered 3 years ago
    i think some things in your listen are acceptional, while some are not. i dont have a problem with v-necks, unless you can see there clevage or bra (wear a cami). Bikinis are ok, as long as they are not too skimppy. everythng is fine except the belly shirts, playboy bunny shirts, thongs,puah-up bras and short shorts. Im a teenager, and I just find it gross when you see a girl at school wearing a pair of short shorts that hardly cover her butcheeks, or when you can see their underwear.....but i guess they have to make their own mistakes too
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  • bsjokerkid answered 3 years ago
    Hell Naww. I'd put her in her place with a falcon kick.
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  • ihaterugbyresearchpaperzzz answered 3 years ago
    I would not. Just because its innapropriate and guys are turned on and i would hate for my daughter to have a bunch of guys looking at her in that way. and also immodesty is not attracttive.
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  • delirious150 answered 3 years ago
    im conservative so no
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  • ♥*Me*♥ answered 3 years ago
    i am a teenager, and i wear v necks, shorts, bikinis, and tank tops...but i dont wear them in a slutty way at all. all the clothes i wear are pretty not just very revealing gross ones. and i always wear tanktops under everything! Not all teens dress alike, dont stereotype! But i dont like it when they do dress slutty. Especially the play boy bunny stuff. And also when they are hanging out of their clothes yuck. I think some are pressured and some just want to get with guys. But they might feel like the only way they can get boys is dressing like that....i dont know it depends on the person. Hope this answered your question!
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  • Lððk å† mê ñðw . answered 3 years ago
    ...I don't have a daughter, but people in my school dress like this.

    V-necks- Yep. I don't wear them, but usually people wear tank tops under. It really depends on how low the neckline is.

    Short Shorts- No. I can't even wear them. As long as they cover the persons butt though, && you don't have to keep pulling them down, they're fine.

    Bikinis- Yep. Little babies wear them. Its to swim in, who cares. A lot of your body parts will be shown anyway.

    Spaghetti Strap Tank Tops- Sure. You can't wear them in my school, but its summer. Its hot. Get over it.

    Belly Shirts- No.

    Playboy- Uh, No.

    Thongs- No.

    Push up bras- Hell no. I know girls who wear them.

    Most girls wear these types of clothes to get a boyfriend, being pressured, want to be noticed.
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