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If Christians follow Christ(Jesus) who was a Jew, and rejected by Jews, then can Jesus NOT be a Christian?

Let's look at an example: A great moralist might not be known yet as a moralist

until s/he has many followers who are then called moralists, but then

the founder of those moralists would ALSO be a moralist.

But since Jesus the Christ is the one Christians follow,

then how would Jesus then not be a Christian?

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    Jesus was a Jew. Christ is a title CHRIST

    This title from the Greek Khri‧stos′ is equivalent to the Hebrew Ma‧shi′ach, “Messiah; Anointed One.” (Compare Mt 2:4, ftn.) “Christ” is not a mere appellative added to distinguish the Lord Jesus from others of the same name; it is an official title. Christ means Messiah or Anointed One. He was anointed by God at the time of his Baptism by John The Baptizer and became Jesus Christ at that time.. A Christian is suppose to be a follower of Jesus that means we should do all that he commands us to do. We should be footstep followers of Jesus. He is a model for us to follow.

    Christ is Jehovah God's anointed and that remains the same.

    Source(s): The Bible
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    There is little evidence to suggest that Jesus was rejected by Jews. Jews simply do not believe that Jesus was the messiah, because Jesus did not bring world peace, which is a requirement for being Messiah.

    Jesus was not a follower of Jesus, so he cannot be called a Christian.

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    Jesus was a Jew but His teachings were radical and went against the traditional teachings of Judaism during His Public Ministry. Not all the Jews rejected Jesus there were those that became His disciples and I should say that the 12 Apostles were Jews themselves.

    Christianity originated from Judaism, but Christianity is not Judaism they are completely different religions. Most of what Christians believe in Judaism would be considered by them to be evil, the fact that we say the word God to them it's evil because His name is holy and should not be said. Another thing is that Christian don't practice the Kosher laws of Judaism, to them eating things like pork is considered to be unclean. And they also don't believe a man can forgive the sins of the world, to them the idea of Jesus dieing for our sins is ridicules. And what's interesting they actually don't have a Hell but do have many different beliefs about what happens to the souls of truly wicked people some believe they are destroyed, some believe they continue to exist in remorse in Gehinnom (which is where Christian Hell originated from), some believe that their souls are reincarnated, and even some don't believe in an afterlife.

    I said it before Jesus began Christianity He Himself was a Jew.

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    Well...first, being a Jew does not rule out being a Christian. There have been many Christian Jews in the world, both in the apostle Paul's day and today. However, Jesus is not a Christian - he is the Christ himself. He gave us the Christian doctrine, but his responsibilities are different than ours. He has no need of a savior himself, as we do.

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  • Jesus was rejected by Pharisees, he was a Galilean Jew. The word Christian comes from the Greek word for messiah. It's not an original word to Jesus teachings or message.

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    Jesus was a Jew. His ideas gave birth to Christianity. If he is the Jewish saviour that the Jews denied, then Christians are the merely the followers of his off-beat ideas (I mean that in a most sincere and respectful way). What ever your belief, don't deny others for having theirs. I'm an atheist, but surely Jesus would have wanted you to worship in whatever way suited you...? No?

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    Jesus was the Christ and therefore could not be a Christian. Christian means Christ within and those who receive Christ as their savior have Him dwelling within and when they receive the Holy Spirit then they have the Spirit dwelling and leading them too.

    Simply like this, God is our Creator and so He can not be the creation, just like Jesus is the Christ and could not be a Christian. How could he convert Himself to Himself, he had no need of a Savior.

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    Very well put. Jesus is definitely a Christian since He founded the belief and embraces and personifies the teachings/characteristics. Simple logic. Obvious to clear thinkers.

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    Ain't nothin ta show Jesus eber eben xisted. But If'en he wuz mor den a made-up story, he didn't no much bout Jews alivin in dem days n he sure did ahate Jew! But, dat is besides da point.

    2amswer, Yeh. Cuz Jesus "da Christ" r KRST es not a name n not a person, but wat da feller did. Christian don't relli mean follower, but means 1 beleaves dat jesus wuz da KRST. Jesus wooda also beleaved dat. So he wood b Christian, un-lessen he beleaved uderwize.

    But If'en I b wrong it es lik u asayin dat Jesus liked Beauty n he liked acombin & abrushin & afixin up women folks hair, but he wuz no Beautician, but u astudyed his teachins to bcum a Beautician and 2 be jes lik Jesus who wuz born a sheepherder but hated aherdin sheep mor den he hated sheepherders.

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    The word Christian literally means "little Christs" or "christ followers" Christ could not follow himself.

    and he followed all the jewish traditions and laws, so he was a Jew.

    I hope this helps

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