Please help with colours for my semi-formal dress :)?

Hi, I'm looking for what makeup, jewelery, etc would look good with my semi dress.

(I'm blonde with blue eyes and this in teal is my semi dress)

What colors would look good with it?

Thanks :)

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    That's SO cute!!!

    Okay, for makeup, I think you could go with maybe a navy blue, dark teal, white or just a teal. You can use a black or eggplant eyeliner for the bottom of your eye, and a light eyeliner line on your top lid. You can also maybe use a little bit thicker liner on the top lid, and use a white pencil at the bottom to make your eyes brighten up a little. Don't forget to put 3 layers of mascara!!

    For your jewelry, I think you should get a silver pendant, preferably fake so you don't have to worry if it breaks!! like this:

    You can have a light silver bracelet on one hand, maybe with a little bow like this:

    but like i said, a fake one would be cheaper, you could find those at forever 21. Also, wear a cute and simple ring on the other hand.

    For shoes, i think a pair of flats or some low heels would be good. if you wanna be breakin it down on the dance floor, you want to go for something comfortable!




    have fun in your semi-formal, i'm having mine in a month and i cant wait.


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  • ayele
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    3 years ago

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