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Arrests for pre-crime offenses in England How is that not a police state?

It is a Deek Jackson clip --

His take on the arrests for PRE crime -- someone might commit another day

How is the UK not a police state ?

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    The UK has been a fascist state for a long time.

    Too bad you're only noticing now.

  • Anonymous
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    Are you talking about arresting people who have written plans in there house to commit a crime weeks later or just simply arresting people on whim? Having evidence of planning or preparing for a crime is illegal anywhere. Even if the crime is going to happen years later. This law applies in America too. How else do we foil murders and terrorist plots?

  • J C
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    10 years ago

    Scary crap Trout. The fact that a precedence has been set is scary. It doesn't matter that it happened in England. It's only a matter of time before that precedence is used as justification for implementation in the United States or in your case Canada.

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    the labor government has been expanding to 200 departments and your officials who run the healrchcare system,courts,collect greater taxes for more benefits started on this path 30 years ago

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