How to clear scratch disks on a mac?

I have a mac, and im trying to do something on photoshop and it says it cant because the scratch disks are full. I dont know what that means, but I deleted a bunch of stuff off my computer, and it still says it.

I found scratch disks in photoshop under photoshop-preferences-performance. It says there that I can use tha arrows to change the scratch disk order, but when I click the arrows it doesnt do anything. I cant click or change anything in that area, so how am I supposed to change the order of scratch disks, or better yet, delete the old stuff thats taking up the space?

Thanks for any help :)

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  • Tanja
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    10 years ago
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    Scratch disks are the allocated disks that Photoshop uses for temporary storage of the document you are working on, if it's a large document this can require a huge amount of hard drive space.

    First check and see how much space you have free on your computer, aim for at least 10% of your hard drive's capacity to keep it running smoothly. Files that take up a lot of space in particular are video and also music downloads - check these folders for anything you don't need or copy the files to removable drives/USB/CD/DVD.

    It may be stating the obvious, but make sure you empty the Trash after moving files into there so that the space gets marked as free to use on your hard drive. Restarting the computer at this point would also be a good idea.

    If you have done the above but are still short on space, you can add additional hard drives such as removable hard drives, as additional scratch disks. If you only have the one selected - your computer's hard drive is the default - there is no order to change which would be why you haven't been able to change anything in the preferences.

    Plug in additional storage and select it in the preferences, one word of warning though - whilst you can change the order and specify another drive as being the primary scratch disk, make sure if you assign a disk other than your computer's hard drive as primary scratch disk, it must always be available when you launch Photoshop or the app won't run. Therefore it is safer to add additional scratch disks and leave your computer hard drive as the primary one.

  • moni
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    4 years ago

    In my Photoshop, the Scratch Disks is under the overall performance section on the possibilities window. So circulate to Edit > possibilities > overall performance and verify there. From there, you may alter the settings subsequently, yet i do no longer see the thank you to sparkling the scratch disk memory as nicely resizing it and restarting this methodology.

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