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Major World Current Events in 2011?

I need some current events that happened around the world, from January 1, 2011, to now. It would be nice to have about two for each month.

And although I say major, please don't list one of the obvious ones such as: Japan's earthquake, the riots in Egypt, etc. THANKS SO MUCH!!!!

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    january 2011

    former haitain president jean claude duvalier returns to haiti

    canadian singer mary-lu zahalan-kennedy becomes the first person in the world to graduate with a masters degree in the beatles, which she studied at liverpool hope university

    at least 35 people are killed and 130 injured after a suicide bombing at domodedovo international airport in the russian capital moscow

    february 2011

    over 60,000 people are evacuated in china's yunnan province following an earthquake

    the cleveland cavaliers match the united states national basketball association record for a single-season losing streak by losing their 23rd straight match to the memphis grizzlies

    an earthquake of 6.3 magnitude strikes the district of canterbury on the south island of new zealand, disrupting communications to the area and closing christchurch airport

    march 2011

    sirhan sirhan, the assassin of us politician robert f. ennedy in 1968, is denied parole again in california

    mexico's youngest police chief, marisol valles garcía of the town of práxedis g. guerrero, chihuahua, seeks asylum to the united states after receiving death threats

    the united nations says world food prices are at their highest for 20 years

    april 2011

    the wreckage of air france flight 447, which crashed in june 2009, killing 228 people, is found in the atlantic ocean

    U2's 360° tour becomes the highest grossing music tour of all time following a show in rio de janeiro, brazil.

    the french law banning the burqa and niqab comes into effect.

    may 2011

    osama bin laden found and killed

    president obama plans visit to nyc

    kendra gets eliminated from dancing with the stars and mariah carey announces the names of her twins

    ok i know some of the facts arent major world events

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