What is a summary of the beliefs and practices of the Theravada belief in Buddhism?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Life is suffering.

    The cause of suffering is desire.

    There is an end to suffering.

    The end to suffering is the path shown by the Buddha.

    Rebirth exists, karma exists, prime belief is to get started as quickly as possible with the Noble Eightfold Path and end suffering as a chance may not arise in future lifetimes.

    No 1 Exhortation: Don't be lazy, get started.


    Side Beliefs: 31 realms of existence, 3 major divisions of realms, existence in any realm is finite, all things that arise must pass, believes in the existence of psychic powers, believes Mara is an actual entity, believes in cakkavalas (world systems), believes that Buddhas take a long time to become one, believes in world-rulers, believes in kappas and that universes go through cycles, believes Buddha is omniscient, believes other forms of Mahayana Buddhism are corrupt, says auras and other psychic powers are due to more subtle forms of matters that are invisible (don't remember about this one, not sure) Abhidhamma, some Buddhists take to the idea of kalapas.

    Edit 2: Believes satisfaction can never be obtained from desire, all conditioned (things that arise based on conditions) are unsatisfactors, anatta (some controversy over what this means), dependent origination, web of causation.

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