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Why do you think Peru is such a cool place to visit and enjoy?

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    Hello! Well, Peru is an unique place... it is called Catalogue of the world. You'll find everything in Peru, there are beaches, mountains, snow, jungle, laggons, lakes, animals...

    The people is really friendly. The culture of Peru is a mix of others cultures, you must to discover the life here... it's very... I dont know how to describe it with words... you have to discover it.

    The gastronomy is the best gastronomy in America and one of the best gastronomies in the world... like sea food, meat food, vegetables, everything! and you must to try Pisco Sour, it's a cocktail very delicuos and it'll make you have a fun time hahaha.

    You can visit one of the 7 wonders of the world, Machu Picchu, it is in Cusco, and Cusco is the most visited place in Peru, but Peru isnt only Cusco, thre are a lot of places like Piura, Trujillo, the jungle in Iquitos, Madre De Dios... Peru is the best choose you could do like a next destination... Hope you come and good trip ;)

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    Hi Javier,

    The geography of Peru is truly a wonder. When it comes to location, this country has it all! For nature fans, I can think of few places better than Peru to experience a wide range of climates and geographical features. How many places on earth can you trek through hot, humid jungles one day and cold, arid glaciers the next?

    Not to mention its History and Inca Civilization. I fully recommend to visit the following website so you know more about this amazing country.


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    First I'll comment on the first answer - don't go to Peru for beaches, you'll be disappointed. They're awful.

    However, for pretty much anything else, it's amazing! Jungle, mountains, ruins, interesting food, lakes, rivers, canyons (deepest in the world!), artesans and lots more :)

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    The beaches and weather i'm guessing. Just more exotic then what we are used to.

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