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Space shuttle question.?

how has the invention of the space shuttle affected out culture or changed it?

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    By itself, not much. It was supposed to offer cheap reliable access to space, but it never did, really. It was still risky and expensive.

    But, as I recall, the shuttle launched Hubble, and then allowed astronauts to fix the mirror and then upgrade it, which proved we could fix things in space. Hubble gave us great pictures of the universe and a lot of great scientific observations.

    The shuttle was also put a lot of the ISS into orbit, which gave us space tourists - the idea that ordinary people could go into space. The shuttle also sent a US senator and a schoolteacher into space.

    The shuttle has entered popular consciousness in movies like Space Cowboys, and a lot of fiction which depicts shuttles doing impossible things (for a real shuttle, that is) like going to the moon or going to geosynchronous orbit to recover satellites.

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    The space shuttle has helped to develop our nation from the seventies to now. Unfortunately, it has been a rather slow process (much slower then what we did in the fifties and sixties). However, it has increased the amount of satellites we have in orbit, including the ISS and the Hubble. These have given platforms to several experiments that can best or can only be conducted in micro gravity or in a vacuum. It also has bound our country together during the Challenger and Columbia explosions. However, the shuttle has been a crutch for NASA for the last several decades. It is an untrustworthy antique, and, quite frankly, I'm glad we're moving on.

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