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canadian citizen sponsoring an australian- common-law?

hi there, i am a (female) canadian citizen and have lived in canada my entire life. my boyfriend who is australian now lives with me (currently at my parents house.) In october this year, i am eligable to sponser him as a resident because we will have lived together for a year. Just hoping to hear any similiar stories, any comments or info on processing times. anything helps! thanks :)

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    Just living together for a year may not be enough, you also need to show that your relationship is marriage-like. A fiancee / boyfriend-girlfriend relationship cannot help one get into Canada. For example, if you thinking about marriage in the future, then most likely your relationship will not be considered marriage-like.

    Also, as others said, make sure his status is legal. While it is possible to do it if he is not, he will have various difficulties and additional cost.

    Once both of you are married or become common-law partner and can prove it (e.g. marriage certificate and other proof of relationship), the Canadian / PR can sponsor the spouse/partner for PR. There is no minimum income requirement to sponsor spouse or spouse with children only, but the sponsor should not under social assistance (welfare), in active bankruptcy, nor defaulted in previous sponsorship or family support.

    There are 2 separate path both of you can choose: (1) Family Class (outside processing), Spouse / Common-law Partner category, or (2) Spouse / Common-law Partner in-Canada Class.

    Family Class (outside processing), Spouse / Common-law Partner category is generally much faster and the PR applicant can be either inside or outside Canada anytime during the application. If the sponsor is Canada citizen, then the sponsor can sponsor while being outside Canada, as long as the sponsor can show intention and plan to return to Canada as soon as the sponsored' PR application is approved, the PR applicant can also stay in Canada temporarily if the PR applicant can manage to do it legally by his/her own merit. However this class will not help the PR applicant to stay in Canada while waiting for the approval, and documentation requirement may be a bit more.

    Spouse / Common-law Partner in-Canada Class will allow the PR applicant keep extending your stay in Canada and the documentation requirement may be less. However it generally take longer time (more or less a year), generally the PR applicant will have to stay in Canada during the application process, and in most of that time the application will not make the PR applicant eligible to work or study nor eligible for health care in most provinces. The PR applicant also need to be able to enter Canada legally before start the application.

    Source(s): Read more about spouse/partner sponsored PR application here: Family Class, Spouse / Common-law Partner category package: Spouse / Common-law Partner in-Canada Class package: Recent processing time for most applicant: A forum for spouse/partner sponsored PR applicants:
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    just make sure he has legal status in Canada at all times while the application is being processed,im an Australian that was sponsored to Canada on a partner visa and had to extend my stay several times while waiting for permanent residency.We didn't have to get married s common law is accepted in Canada.

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    Is he legal in Canada, on some sort of visa? He will have to go home while you apply.

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